avoid surprises during the selling process

An inspection of your existing home may help you sell your home easier and faster by addressing any issues on the front end, rather than in the negotiation process.

It's standard procedure for a home buyer to order a home inspection. By having a pre-listing home inspection performed by Safeguard Inspection Services, you maybe able to close more quickly. 

When significant problems are found by the Home  Inspector the buyer may:

  • Terminate the contract

  • Ask for inflated amounts to have the problem fixed

Uncover problems before selling your home 

If there is a serious problem with your home, it is better to know about it before you put the house up for sale rather than discovering the issue within a few days of the closing. Knowing the problems lurking in your home can give you the option of fixing them yourself or adjusting your asking price.

Get the right repair the first time

If you choose to fix problems before you put your house on the market, a home inspection can help you pinpoint where the real issues lie.  A good home inspection helps you get to the root of the problem instead of pursuing a band-aid fix and costing you more in the long run.

Reassure prospective homebuyers

A pre-listing home inspection can offer peace of mind for potential home buyers, potentially making them more likely to place an early bid.  Call 720-441-3434 today to schedule your pre-listing home inspection.

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