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Commercial Inspection Services

safeguard inspection service's offers comprehensive COMMERCIAL inspection services

We offer a complete line of inspection services for commercial buildings, apartment complexes, multi-unit residences and light industrial.  Our prices are competitive and we strive to provide a great experience, high level of customer service and provide an objective inspection analysis.

​To control your risk, you need to look beneath the surface of your building investments, evaluate the property and develop a plan to protect your assets. ​Whether you are a building owner, property manager, leasing agent, lender or tenant, you can rely on Safeguard Inspection Services to provide an accurate assessment of your commercial building for optimal decision making.​​ 



  •  Maximize Your Investment
  • Make an Informed Decision
  • Minimize Risk  
  • Comprehensive inspections for buyers/investors prior to closing
  • Pre-lease or exit inspections for tenants to protect damage deposits
  • Investors general inspection (Exterior, roof, foundation/floor, electrical, mechanical and plumbing)
  • Inspections to meet lender requirements
  • Walk-through, pre-bid assessments for potential buyers
  • Construction progress inspections, draw inspections and final inspections

Commercial Services